September 23, 2023
Reasons to Buy Pigments from the Tim Davies Line

Reasons to Buy Pigments from the Tim Davies Line

The following are some reasons to buy Tina Davies pigment. These pigments will last longer than most other PMU lines, are more reliable, and are a much better choice than Perma Blend’s current line. In addition, you’ll find it easier to patch test Tim Davies pigments compared to other brands. Read on to learn more about these pigments! This article will help you decide which pigments to purchase!

Tim Davies pigments last longer than other PMU lines:

Perma Blend is a blend of tattoo and PMU pigments for the highest quality colors for Microblading and PMU. Perma Blend is made by the same company that makes the world-famous Tattoo Ink. It is cruelty-free and is certified vegan. Each pigment is made from the highest quality pigments, resulting in long-lasting colors. In addition, the company also sterilizes all its products using gamma radiation to ensure maximum safety.

They are better than Perma Blend’s current line:

You may wonder whether Tim Davies pigments are better than Perm blend’s current line. After all, the current line uses many of the same ingredients. The difference between the two lines lies in the quality of the pigment. The pigments from Perma Blend are formulated for long-lasting color and stability. The colors also come with a user-friendly color chart, so you don’t have to guess what the final product will look like.

They are more cohesive:

Using MSA pigments from Pinnacle Point Cave 13B, Watts 2010 analyzed the MSA of the cave’s 13B chamber. Using the Natural Color System (NCS), Watts obtained hue, blackness, and Chroma readings at the nearest 10% intervals. In the same study, Watts and Davies found that MSA pigments were more cohesive than conventional pigments.

Tina Davies has worked closely with Perma Blend to develop an eyebrow pigment line that is more vibrant, pigmented, and stable. These pigments are also highly concentrated, ensuring that they won’t fade to lighter shades or different hues. This makes them perfect for cover-ups and is insurable in the world. What’s more, they can be used over an old PMU without concern of fading. These are some great benefits of buying pigments from Tim Davies.