4 Ways to Care for Your Full-Size Bed

4 Ways to Care for Your Full-Size Bed

Care for your full bed with storage in a variety of ways. You should rotate the mattress regularly to promote even wear and tear. Make sure to clean your mattress according to the manufacturer’s instructions and keep the air vents open to prevent dust buildup. Move the bed regularly, but do so without tipping it. Keep kids and pets off the bed, as they can damage the springs and coils.

Inspect the foundation for signs of wear:

Inspecting the foundation for wear can prevent costly repairs down the road. While throwing out a fully functional bed is never a good idea, early signs of foundation problems can be easily identified and remedied. You may notice that a door becomes jammed or fails to latch properly. Cracks appear on walls over doorways or windows. Vinyl or ceramic tile covering a concrete floor begins to crack. Windows stick or fall out.

Wash pillows every two months:

You should wash pillows regularly to keep them fresh and clean. Fortunately, it is not a difficult process. However, it can take some time to dry. You can find washing instructions on the pillow cover. It would be best if you washed pillows in pairs to prevent an imbalance in the washing machine. You should also wash pillows in pairs and place them vertically around the agitator. Then, stop the drying cycle frequently to fluff the pillow. If the pillow has a musty smell, you can dry it in the sun to remove the musty smell.

Store your mattress in a storage bed:

While there are many different reasons to store your mattress in a storage box, the most important factor is that it will be flat and free of any air pockets. Storing your items on top of the mattress will create pressure points that will eventually wear out the internal support system of your full-size bed. By storing your mattress in a storage box, you’ll be saving your mattress from a lumpy and unsightly state.

Protect your mattress when moving:

There are several ways to protect your mattress when moving your full-size bed. When moving the mattress, make sure that you use a covered moving truck and a tarp to protect the mattress from water. To prevent sliding, place the mattress between two pieces of furniture and strap the back end. If you do this alone, it may be necessary to open the tailgate of the moving truck. Also, consider double-bagging the mattress before moving it.